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Fall Dollar Tree Craft

Happy Fall, Yall! Its that time of year to cozy up, pull out the sweaters, and bust out the crafts! This is an easy peasy; no glue gun required craft. I always end up burning my poor fingers, so I love this one! My Fall home decor is more pinks and burgundy colors, so you can choose florals and leaves to match your home! I love watching Dollar Tree Crafts on Youtube. It can be frustrating when they use items my local store doesn’t carry. So we got creative today and made sure they would have some form of items used! Full disclosure I don’t like Dollar Trees Spray paint, so that was one I had purchased in the past from Walmart and used! If you have items at home laying around, by all means, use those! 

Items needed: 

Ball (needs to be the foam kind)

Spray paint (any personal preference)

Wooden dowl or even a chopstick

Various floral and leaf picks (Make sure to choose the ones that are on wires; the floppy kind won’t poke in)

Pot or vase


Rocks (I stole some of my landscaping)


  • Screw the wooden dowel into the foam ball. Twist it slowly and keep your finger at the top. You don’t want the dowel popping through.
  • Clip all the flowers and leaves with about one to one and a half inches of wire below. 
  • Go outside and spraypaint the ball on the dowel. The paint doesn’t have to be perfect. You want coverage enough in case the flowers or leaves shift. Place in your jar to dry. It will only take a few minutes. 
  • Start sticking in your flowers and leaves! I sorted mine out by color and tried to evenly space them. 
  • For the pot, I chose I wanted to jazz it up a bit. So I went with a water dip! I filled a plastic container with water, then sprayed in some various colors. Slowly dip in the pot and the paint sticks! Let sit for five minutes to dry.
  • Time to build! Place a few clothespins around the dowel. Stick down into the pot. And cover with rocks. 

That’s it; you are all done! Fun, fast, and easy. And looks cute with my velvet pumpkins found at Dollar Tree as well! 

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