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Tips for Engagement Photos With Pets

  • Lighting.
    If possible, always use natural light when taking your pets photo.
    Just like humans, pets squint too! Try not to use flash; it can scare and startle your pet. Try and find a nice shaded area.
  • Bring a sitter along. Having someone who can take the dogs on a walk once you are finished with their photos is valuable. You don’t want to be worried about leaving them in the car or tied to a tree. Engagement sessions tend to involve a lot of moving around.
  • Set expectations. Talk to your photographer about the poses you would like. If there is anything important to you to get, make sure its the first ones you start with. Pets tend to have extremely short attention spans.
  • Treats! Bring along some treats for your pet. Make sure they are not too hungry, though. That can make them irritable!
  • Location. Make sure to choose a spot that you are comfortable taking your pets to. If your heart is set on a city vibe for your engagement photos, but the thought of taking your poodle downtown scares you, then look up a park nearby to stop off to for those images.
  • Schedule your Session around their schedule.
    If your dog tends to sleep in the afternoons and likes being alone, then you may want to try for a morning shoot. Same thing for their vet schedule; if they are due for shots, make sure to do them several days before the shoot or ideally afterward.
  • Talk to the photographer. They will have ideas for locations ext. You want to make sure and ask if they are used to working with pets and don’t have any allergies as well!
  • Wardrobe. For taking photos with pets, make sure you wear things you are ok with getting dirty. You may think you only want a standing photo, but its easier most of the time to be right down next to your pet. Plus, you get to be right on their level for cute puppy kisses photos!
  • Tire those babies out! Take them to the dog park or on a nice long walk beforehand. They will not only sit better, but they are more likely to be happy and cuddly with you both.
  • Give them lots of attention! Personally, my favorite photos are of us playing with, walking, or kissing our dogs. So shower them with love, and they will be so excited and happy!

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