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Anna & Shawn a Love & Baby Story

Shawn and I started out as best friends my freshman year of high school. It went from us constantly messaging each other all day and night. Going to each other’s sporting events and getting food with each other afterward. To seeing him at the start of his senior year and just knowing that he was the one. To being each other’s first loves.

Shawn always told me that he wanted to join the United States Marine Corps. He wanted to be in the infantry. He told me that he would understand if I didn’t want to go through that with him. I told him that he couldn’t just get rid of me that easily and that he was stuck with me. He joined, and a year later, we got engaged at Devils Lake. That’s where we had our first official date. After his first deployment finished, he flew back to Wisconsin for a short stay, and we got married at the
ages of 19 and 20! I moved to California a month later to be with him as much as I could. Even though that wasn’t a whole lot because of all his training and his deployments. California became our home away from home.

In California, we rescued our sweet dog, Rosalina!

We meet some amazing friends and enjoyed
our life in San Clemente, California. Eventually, his enlistment came to an end, and we moved back home to Wisconsin. Fast forward a few months of us being back home, we discovered we were expecting a beautiful baby boy! The most fantastic part about finding out was that we found out we were expecting a baby the same day we got our fur baby a couple of years back.

I couldn’t imagine not having Shawn in my life.

Having a husband that is my best friend is an indescribable feeling. He is the most amazing fur dad, and I just know that he will be the most
amazing dad to this baby boy. No one can match the love that we all have for him. A special thank you to Dani Marie Photography for capturing this special moment for us. Dani is an amazing photographer, and we were so pleased to work with her. We can’t wait to display the photos around our house!

You can find Dani Marie Photography here!

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