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Everett & Nikki Engagement in Galena, IL

Everett and I met in college later in our freshman year. We both stayed in the same dorm building. I remember seeing him in passing and at monthly hall meetings thinking he was way out of my league. He always had this cool-guy aura about him, rode motorcycles, had edgy-looking tattoos, studying as a flight major. The all-around total mysterious main character of a young adult novel, while I was over here watching anime with my roommate in my free time. Needless to say, it wasn’t until the end of that freshman year that we even spoke.

That day I was throwing around clothes in the laundry room when I noticed someone was playing the same kind of music I liked in the next room over, so I quickly peeked around the corner, and it was Everett making food in the community kitchen.

I hyped myself up, ready to finally talk to him, but when I walked in there, all I could manage was, “I like your music!” before running away to hide back into the void. Flash forward to the next semester of school, we ran into each other on the way to class, and to my surprise, he asked for my number!

After months of talking, we finally hung out, where I found out those oh-so-intimidating tattoos were anime references. We spent almost every day together after that, and the adventures and events are numerous. Being avid skiers and snowboarders, Colorado was always a favorite place to venture out to as a getaway from the flat scenery of Iowa for a bit. Much to my surprise, the latest trip out there quickly turned into the best one yet! Everett got down on one knee on the fourth of July during the fireworks. It’s safe to say sparks were flying in more ways than one!

Galena, IL is a fabulous place for photos! We went to the Galena Brewing Comapy, The Belvedere Mansion, and Chestnut Mountain!

It’s important to me to showcase all the different sides to every couples personality. From fun and playful, to serious and cool! Getting to work with Nikki & Everett was beyond fun!

Lauren Petersen of Laurel Tree Photography

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