The Harris Sisters

This session holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. First, I have known these sisters since the oldest was a tiny baby. Before quarantine, I was a preschool teacher; I have taught and loved these
girls for the past couple of years. Second, this was my first session since before quarantine, literally seven months with no photography in my life. Their mom reached out to me about photographing these sweet girls. She had recently gotten their cute dresses and really wanted some nice pictures of them together. 

I jumped at the chance to photograph Landry and Harper since I lost my job to Covid-19 and had not seen them in months. Their mom let me pick the place to have the session. I chose one of my favorite spots in Lampasas, TX, Cooper Springs Nature Park. Cooper Springs is 23 acres of nature preserve in the heart of Lampasas, TX.
They don’t mess with any nature or wildlife that inhabit this place, so it’s filled with wildflowers through the year, trails that wind throughout and perfect serenity. 

We had the session in the middle of July, so it was HOT.

Probably well over 100 degrees. Thankfully, these girls were troopers and more than enough energy for the shoot. After we made our way into the park, I spotted a place with some small sunflowers growing. I like getting a variety of shots no matter what kind of shoot I do so that there are more than enough options of shots to choose from. I started with the oldest, Landry. Since I have known her the longest, I knew what could get her to smile and show her true colors. She is a smart, beautiful little lady. I did some of my usual poses and prompts but what got her to smile was when we started singing “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast, her favorite Disney princess.

Now Harper is another story. She is smart beyond her young years and spunky. Getting her to laugh or show some teeth took a little bit more convincing. Behind the camera, we were doing the chicken
dance, singing any Disney we could think, and so on. She did crack a smile or two, but once I gave her a flower, she opened up some more.

After we were done with the flowers, we made our way through one of the many trails there towards the creek. Lampasas is well known for its Sulphur water. Unfortunately, it can smell nasty at times,
but it didn’t that day, Thank God. The creek is pretty and quiet. We took our pretty shots in front of it. I asked their mom if she didn’t mind them getting wet at the end of their session. She agreed, so the girls
and I jumped in the water. We had FUN, splashing around, capturing pure joy of getting messy and NOT getting in trouble for it. All in all, a GREAT session that I will remember for a long time. It lifted my spirits to photograph again and have such an amazing time.

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