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1,000,000 Memories Photography

When sisters, Chelsi and Maci, decided that they wanted to start their photography business, 1,000,000 Memories, they knew there were only two things that they had to have to create a lasting company in the industry: diversity, and fun while doing it. Of course, other things were important, such as technical skills and knowledge, an understanding of the art, and an eye for the beauty making memories bring with it. But those were small things compared to being inclusive and simply loving what they were doing.

Planning their first shoot was important. It called into question what they wanted to tell the world when explaining who they were and what they could give. Finding the models was an easy process; they were women they knew either from work or from social life who all brought something different to the photoshoot. Stacy is undoubtedly beautiful with her mesmerizing eyes and magazine-Esque smile, but she is also fierce, an entrepreneur, a champion for her beliefs, and a joy in this world.

Kearston’s looks are striking, with long legs and a face structure to die for, but she is also kind, hilarious, and is a woman using her knowledge to teach the special needs community. Gabriela is hands down one of the prettiest faces you’ll ever come across, but she also brought a lightness to the shoot that made the hours-long process feel like mere minutes, is sweet at all times, and is a college student ready to face the world. Together, the three women embodied what Chelsi and Maci wanted to showcase: kindness, diversity, fun, faithfulness to beliefs, and a strong sense of self.

And what is a model without a glam crew? Emilee St. Clair honestly stole the show with her jaw-dropping makeup creations. 1,000,000 Memories is all about raising others up, so bringing in Makeup by MLE was a no-brainer. A single mother working full time while creating beautiful makeup looks on the side was just the kind of person Chelsi and Maci wanted to bring along on their journey. Emilee created three different looks that somehow tied together perfectly, was able to do these looks on a tight schedule, and kept the models at ease during the process.

Not only did her looks not smudge or crease, they wowed throughout the entire photo shoot. Emilee’s work, along with the outfits chosen specifically for each girl, all went together while still being showstoppers on their own.
Overall, creating 1,000,000 Memories was a dream Maci and Chelsi weren’t sure they would be able to experience, but by believing in themselves and the power of memories, they brought it to fruition. Two sisters chasing a million memories… and finding joy while doing so.

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