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First Communion

My name is Caleigh Flores, a Texas gal living all the way in Japan with my Marine husband! I have been a photographer now professionally for a year and a half. I started my journey writing for my personal blog, Rosebuds & Babies, about my children, and documenting our lives in storytelling form through my lens. 

Of course, coming to Japan, I knew that I wanted to capture every moment of our experience.

Especially being so far away from home, I wanted our family not to miss the beat of our everyday lives and our special moments. These images of my eldest daughter are ones that were taken for her First Holy Communion. 

These moments are important for families because they mean that their child has come into an age of reasoning and can participate in communion with the entire church. Traditionally, we would hold a beautiful party for her with all of her immediate family and cousins, aunts, and uncles. Of course, that isn’t possible because of our long distance. I chose a really special location here in our country town, at the Kintaikyo (Kyo in Japanese means “Bridge”), which was built in 1673. 

You can still walk across the bridge for just a couple dollars and experience its amazing architecture. It has hundreds of cherry blossom trees that have the most gorgeous blooms during springtime. But in the summertime, its trees are so green, vibrant and full of life. I may not have taken the most famous portrait with the bridge in the background, but my daughter came to life in a way she never had before, posing herself with poise, showing me her confidence, her coming of the special age that she is. Storytelling photography and Lifestyle are two sides of the same coin someone recently told me; To me, Storytelling captures more than moments and experiences, 

It is able to tell the story of the person with the click of a shutter and, in my case, through the lens of a mother.


Caleigh Flores is a Storytelling Photographer based in Iwakuni, Japan. She is a Marine Corps Veteran and Spouse, Mother, Daughter, and Best friend. Life’s moments are stories in time; photographing them will last to tell your story forever. 

You can find Caleigh Flores Photography here!


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