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Kyrah + Quinn a Story of Young Love

Kyrah + Quinn,

They met when Kyrah came from a small-town school with only three girls in her class. She graduated grade 6 and went to intermediate school Tagwi, where she laid her eyes on Quinn. They have been together for a year yesterday, had a bit of a bump in the road but came back stronger than ever.

Kyrah planned a trip to the Prescott harbor in Ontario Canada, where they would share and create these beautiful memories. Kyrah wanted her photoshoot to be perfect. She’s a free spirit happy girl that loves everything to be perfect. She chose their outfits, and away we went to create some magical moments at sunset in the harbor!

We were stopped a few times by some older couples to say just how amazing they look and how beautiful the location was. The Prescott harbor is popular for the tourists where the Tall ships come once a year!

Kyrah and Quinn both live in our small town of Finch, where we moved just over two years ago. We got to know the family a bit when Kyrah’s older brother Skyler became best friends with Quinn’s brother Wyatt. Quinn often longboards down the street to see Kyrah daily, they enjoy eating popcorn together and swimming on the hot days.

Quinn graduated grade 9 this year and is moving on to grade 10 in September, and Kyrah just graduated grade 8 with a bronze honor roll, but due to COVID, she will be awarded next year at her graduation ceremony.

Kyrah and Quinn have sweet young love that will hopefully last a lifetime, I as Kyrah’s mom look forward to capturing all the upcoming memories these two wish to have documented over the years.

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