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The Birth Of Rory

Photos by Laurel Tree Photography

I would say I had a very easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, I was comfortable through most of it, and I didn’t really start showing until the last month, so I was able to continue wearing all my pre-pregnancy clothes. This was my first pregnancy, and my husband and I didn’t really know what to expect with all of it, and then as we approached my third-trimester, everything began shutting down and sheltering in place with the Covid-19 pandemic.

I began working from home and trying to schedule baby appointments on top of work meetings as well as working around my husband, who was also working from home. Our baby shower and diaper party were moved, and the registry moved to Amazon so people could still send gifts, and we could still have the hope of having everything ready for when Rory arrived. Thankfully it worked, and we were able to get everything that we needed right away, including a good stock of diapers and wipes.

What didn’t work out was our original birth plan of having my mom in delivery with us. And Will’s parents waiting excitedly in the lobby for the news. The anxiety of it all only got worse as I approached and passed my due date without feeling any real signs of labor. This was also somewhat of a blessing as we were hoping the longer baby waited to show the more chance that my mom would be able to attend the birth, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We had multiple appointments where they stripped my membrane to try and jump-start it and still no luck. Finally, the Friday after my due date, we had one last appointment where they again stripped my membrane and scheduled me for an induction. I still felt completely normal as we again went about our new normal still anxiously awaiting for when our little one would join us. Finally, at 12:30 am Saturday, May 16th, I woke up in full-blown labor.

Again with it being my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure if it was real labor or just Braxton Hicks or pre-labor, but after rolling around in bed for 30 minutes, I woke up my husband, and we started timing the contractions together, and not even 45 minutes later my contractions were averaging 3 minutes apart and were becoming increasingly painful.

We called my doctor’s office and packed the car and headed for the hospital. The hospital staff we amazing but was not amazing was spending 6 hours in triage waiting to progress enough for them to admit me. Along with waiting for the one labor symptom I was praying, I would not happen, I began vomiting about every other contraction, and I hate vomiting. Finally, at 7:30 am they admitted me to labor and delivery, and I was able to get some anti-nausea meds and finally had some relief from that as well as some pain meds to take the edge off the contractions until I could get an epidural.

Of course, with throwing up off and on for 6 hours, I was dehydrated, and it took them multiple sticks of the IV before I could get enough fluids to get the epidural. The anesthesiologist was amazing and was able to quickly and safely get the epidural in between contractions and give me relief. The doctor had been waiting to break my water and check my progress until after the epidural was in. Come to find out I was 9 cm dilated and was able to get the epidural just in time. Not even an hour after getting the epidural and having my water broken, I was pushing! About two hours of pushing my already stubborn son was born. He was almost an entire week late, and the top of his head had been out for almost an hour before he decided the rest of him could make an appearance.

At 2:20 pm, Rory Scott Richardson was born weighing 7 lbs 8 oz and 19 1/2 in long. Again the nursing staff and doctors were amazing, and although it wasn’t how Will and I had planned to labor and deliver, it went perfect for the situation. Will was able to be involved, holding my legs as I pushed, making sure I was getting my pain meds on time, and letting the nurses know if I needed anything. Of course, none of our family could be at the hospital to see Rory after he was born, so we began a marathon of FaceTime calls to introduce him to his family.

No one besides our parents and siblings knew we had gone to the hospital, so it was a surprise to many when we called and showed off the new addition. Everyone was beyond excited and understanding about having to wait to meet him in person. My family is large and normally floods the waiting rooms and postpartum room, and this was the first time they weren’t able to do that. Although it was a little sad, it was nice as it gave Will and I tons of alone time with our new little one and getting used to being parents on our own without visitors.

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