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Tie Dye Photos In Canola Flowers

By Tori Cathcart of Tori Cathcart Photography

While driving around in my hometown of Portland, Tennessee (about 45 minutes away from Nashville), I came across this fantastic canola field. With the recent Quarantine, I wasn’t sure if anyone would allow me to capture this amazing backdrop. I called my good friend Courtney, that’s always down to clown to do a “social distancing” mini while it was still so vibrant. She shares the whole creativity vibe with me, so we always make the perfect team!

As soon as I told her my idea, she was 100% down, and we started planning. We are both the free spirit type souls, and I always love the outfits she decides to wear. This shirt was tye-dyed by her 2 years ago, and she recently made it into a crop shirt. I feel like these images showcases who Courtney is and love how her tattoos stand out. She asked what to wear, and I just told her to be herself and let the magic happen.

Courtney said, “I really loved being able to get out and shoot while practicing social distancing. I believe its what we both needed as two creative artists. It’s important to express ourselves. This is, by far, my favorite session ever with Tori. Her angles and editing skills were hands down awesome, and anytime we get together, we just have fun with it and go with the flow.”

“Stay true to who you are and never do it quietly” -Lauren Sanderson.

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