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Angela Wright Singer & Songwriter

Where have you performed?

My favorite experience performing was when I opened for AirSupply. We were at an outdoor amphitheater, and as we were waiting for the show to start, I was peeking from backstage, and my heart was racing as I was watching thousands of people pile into the seats. As the adrenaline kicks in, I hear my name announced alongside the great AirSupply Band. I walk out on stage the band wishes me good luck from backstage (they are the coolest!). I got to sing a couple of songs, and At the end of the show, they brought me back out on stage for the encore bow, and I got to shake hands with audience members from the stage. It was pretty incredible to perform with legends in front of thousands, but I was so touched that the audience actually wanted to engage with me post-show.

Where do you like to write?

The ideas for songs come to me no matter where I am even at the most inopportune times, haha. I will be out somewhere having a conversation or in class, and suddenly I have to run somewhere quiet like a bathroom so I can sing some random melody idea into my phone. Inspiration comes so quick and can pass just as quickly, so I have to reach out and catch it before it floats on through my mind. 

I am a bit of a night owl, so I have found my favorite time to write is anytime after sunset. I feel that I am in touch with myself when I have the perspective of the natural world, so I take inspo from the outdoors or human behavior. When I was living in Boston while at Berklee College of Music, I would walk to the Charles river and bring my songwriting notebook and sit on the docks, staring out at the city, river, and people going about their day. I also adore cowriting and collaborating with people to get new perspectives and take multiple minds and see what you can create.

Have you had your heart broken?

 There are different forms of heartbreak. I have lost family members, which I wrote one of my songs, “Can You See Me Now” about. I have had summer flings, long relationships, friendships, partnerships. Which all ended in heartbreak of some sort, but can turn into great emotion and stories for my music. Every change and loss is a growing point. To help you develop and get to where you are meant to be. Each flower must grow through dirt for it to reach the light. 

What inspires you to write?

Common themes I write about are love, loss, peace, hate, growth, change, and freedom. With every experience I go through, I must process it through my emotions, and often times I have found writing music is the most precise way I can get into my head and heart. 

Will you be performing anywhere soon. That is after the world reopens?

Due to the uncertain times, I don’t have anything in the calendar, being that the music industry will potentially be forever changed. I had venues in Nashville that I had had shows scheduled with, but we shall see where that goes in the future. However, I am trying to amp up my social media presence, so I can send out videos or live shows for people to watch. 


Your favorite song you have written?

AHHHHH picking my favorite song is like a mother picking her favorite child. Because each song came to me for a reason for the moment in time, I was living in and feeling it in. My favorite song I have released is Steaming Up, its very Dua lipa, “Don’t Start Now.” I’ve always had a really fun time performing that one. As far as songs, I am currently in the process of recording and will hopefully be releasing after I get back to the studio… I am super excited about my song, “Fly Away.”



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