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Riley & Jonesy

During quarantine, as I sat on my couch, I realized that my little fur family was missing something. We have two cats and a dog already, but my heart was open for more. I asked my fiancé if we could get a new kitten, and he was a little hesitant but decided to say yes.

“Happy Mothers Day!”

I had seen a friend who had little tiger kittens that she was looking to rehome. At first, I had asked her for one kitten, and I was hoping for a girl to name “Luna.” As we were heading to get the kitten, I received a message that the kitten she was bringing us had a brother, and they were very close. They would do everything together, and she didn’t want to split them. My heart is too big, and I decided that I didn’t have the heart to let them be separated. I asked my fiancé if he would be upset if we got two instead of one, and he said:

“Well, if you brought two home, I wouldn’t be mad about it.”

We thought long and hard on names. We couldn’t decide. I had known that one of the kittens would be Luna but couldn’t think of a name for our boy. We already had a Stark, Oliver, and Kora, so we weren’t sure what we were going to decide. However, naming the kittens did not go as planned. Sitting on my couch trying to find the perfect name for the boy, I realized that both of the kittens were, in fact, boys and Luna as a name just wouldn’t work. So it was back to the drawing board.

After passing around a few names, my fiancé and I decided on Riley and Jonesy. We love the show Letterkenny and decided to take the names of the two hockey players Riley and Jonesy, and name the kittens after them. The names we chose, most certainly fit their personalities.

The kittens do everything together. They eat together, sleep together, play together, get in trouble together, bathe together, and snuggle us together. They are the perfect duo. We can’t even tell them apart until we look at their paws because the only difference between them is the whites on their paws.

They are doing amazing adapting to the new family. My daughters love them, and my other two cats are starting to becoming friends. They are, however, still bullying my dog, but he doesn’t seem to mind much. They are the perfect duo and the perfect fit for our family.

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