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Birth of Jeremiah

Photos by Sadie at Noah Avery Photography

Jeremiah was born on March 7th at home.

Someone asked me a while ago what my favorite thing was about capturing births. One of my favorite things about this job… it’s unpredictable. No birth is the same, and that keeps this exciting.
I was woken up at exactly 3:02am. Her water broke. I slept for about 30 more minutes until getting up to head over. Her midwives were coming from about 45 minutes away, so I knew I had some time. I arrived at 4am. The house was; still, mom and dad were watching tv, and mom was working through some mild contractions, which later started to become extremely intense.

I watched the sunrise waiting for this little guy. And also watched our entire day pass. To say mom’s labor was easy would be a lie. But to say that this was the smoothest labor and delivery I’d been to, would be accurate. Mom progressed so well, no labor stalls, just took some time. She had the most incredible support team. Her midwives, AMAZING. Her mom was her rock and was there for each and every contraction, she did not leave her side. You know who else didn’t leave her side…the WHOLE TIME..? Her dog, Kobe. Yes, named after Kobe Bryant. He was so in tune with her, followed her everywhere she would walk and let her hold him while she worked through her surges. He didn’t move. I’m pretty sure he was the star of the show.

Throughout the day, as contractions got more intense and more regular, I was in total awe of her strength. The bad ones (contractions) would come on, and she would take it. Ride the wave. And with one single tear falling from her face. After each surge was over, she would lift her head, wipe her tears, and keep moving. A TOTAL BADASS!
There was some time towards the end, where mom would intensely rest in between contractions. This is how I knew the baby would be coming soon. Mom was totally at peace. There was no more pain on her face during her waves. Just pure determination and quiet strength.

Jeremiah was born a few minutes after 7:30pm. He was born with a true knot in his cord. This was the second true knot of my career. True knots happen in 1-2% of pregnancies. They can be dangerous. Baby J was born totally perfect and had no complications due to his true knot.

When I attend births and hold space for mom, I always, always make sure to listen and hear the first words to come out of her mouth when she touches her baby for the first time. I never forget them…with each birth.
When her baby was pulled out of the water and placed on her chest, she said:

“I can’t believe he’s really mine.”

Instant chills.
She had put in HOURS on HOURS of hard work to get to this point. Her baby. She had prayed for him. Her answered prayer was finally laying on her bare chest, heart to heart, and it was immediate relief. No more pain, No more pressure. It all went away.
Her answered prayer was here, earthside. And it was perfect.”

You can find Noah Avery Photography here!!

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