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Photos With My Daughter

Photos by Laura Goode of Laura Leigh Photography

Being stuck in quarantine has us all going crazy, but we decided to make the best of it.

I took my Sassy 6-year-old, Aria out to my in-laws’ farm for some fun photos in a beautiful Boho inspired Dollcake gown that I had not gotten the opportunity to use yet and a mini peacock wicker chair. When we arrived at the farm, I was heading to my favorite spot when I noticed these yellow weed-like flowers back in the field and knew that’s where we were going to take the photos.

Then I had my daughter get her dress on and headed into the field for some gorgeous shots. We played, twirled, ran through the flowers, and fought the wind to keep the hat! We had a blast!

Then I decided to have my husband grab some shots of my daughter and I. I ran to the car and grabbed a boho-inspired gown from Chicaboo I had from a past session that I never got around to taking back to the studio and threw it on.

We had tickle fights, danced, and gave Eskimo kisses while I attempted to direct my husband on how to operate the camera.

When asking Aria which photo was her favorite she said ” The picture of us holding hands and looking back at the camera!” It is her favorite because of the pretty flowers and tree in the background and that “mommy and me look like twins”. 

You can find more photos by Laura Leigh Photography at the following!


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