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Brittany & Ian a Wedding At Bella Sala

Photos by Lauren Petersen of Laurel Tree Photography

Brittany and Ian were married on a warm day in June. There were hints of rain in the air the morning of the big day. But all wisps of clouds left before noon. Brittany, her bridesmaids, and mother had their hair and makeup done together in the bridal prep room at the wedding venue.

Ian spent the morning chatting with his groomsmen in the large room off the reception hall. They enjoyed sandwiches and cold beers.

It was time for Brittany to put on her dress and do a first look with her father. Standing outside in from of the waterfall, he was waiting for her. He could not wait to see his little girl. When she tapped his shoulder, he turned. And there she was! His baby all grown up and dressed as a bride. Tears were held back, a few may have spilled over. It was a moment to be remembered.

Now the time had come for Ian to see his Bride. He waited nervously for her to make her way across the lawn. She made a swishing sound as she walked across the stone steps. When he finally got to see her, she took his breath away. They laughed and cried and kissed a million times.

The couple spent half an hour wandering the grounds taking photos and just basking in each others presence.

The ceremony was now set to begin. Guests gathered for the outside and chatted as they waited for it to begin.
Ian surprised Brittany by singing to her as she walked down the aisle. As she turned the corner and saw that it was him singing, her face lit up!
They recited their vows, promising to love one another, always be there for each other. And a few laughs were also shared. It was a lovely ceremony.

It was now time for the reception. After a grand entrance where they danced and jumped their way past all of their friends and family, they cut the cake.

The first dance was slow and sweet, followed by special dances with each one of their parents. As the sunset, they snuck outside for a few more photos. They took a breath and spent a few moments together as man and wife. What a wonderful day!

The couple wrapped up their evening by busting some moves on the dance floor together!

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