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Our First Home

Photos by Morgan Jean Photography

We are old high school crushes, not high school sweethearts, since we never actually spoke to each other in high school. Instead, we gave each other longing looks in the hallways, and when we reconnected 12 years later, it only took us a few months of dating to know we didn’t want to spend any more days apart.

We moved into a small third-floor walk-up together, impulsively got a second dog who needed to be house trained, and after only a few more months of going up and down those stairs, I said, “Let’s buy a house.” My mom rightly said, “I wouldn’t recommend buying a house with someone you aren’t married to.”

But as always, I did what felt right, and together he and I decided on Kalamazoo. A significant factor for us in choosing Kalamazoo is the Kalamazoo Promise. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a scholarship program that began 15 years ago, which ensures every student to graduate from a Kalamazoo Public School will receive a scholarship if they attend a state college/university in Michigan.

If you are a student who has attended K-12 in Kalamazoo, you get a full ride. Since both of us have student loan debt, we decided to take advantage of this opportunity for the future kiddos we hope to have. Since finding our home, we have been discovering parts of our neighborhood that have us feeling unbelievably fortunate. For instance, there are several nature preservers within walking distance of our house. If you walk in one direction through our neighborhood, you will find yourself in Parkwyn Village, which is a small community of Frank Lloyd Wright homes. This was especially exciting for my other half, who has his degree in architecture. Now we are itching to be able to explore the breweries, restaurants, and other parts of Kalamazoo once it becomes safe again.

Photos by Morgan Jean Photography

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